The application procedures for Disability Lawyers Richmond Hill may be stressful, particularly if you are already recovering from a setback. Our lawyers and legal assistants will treat you like family while assisting you in developing a customized legal solution.

Focusing on Injured Clients as Individuals
When it comes to disability and workers' compensation claims, many disability legal firms focus on volume. Their purpose is to get as many customers as possible, submit their applications, and then abandon them while waiting for a response. Josh and Jeremy Worley, attorneys, regard each client as an individual. They want to hear your story and collaborate with you to get you the deserved benefits or compensation. Throughout what might be a lengthy procedure, their staff will remain in contact with you to let you know how your application or claim is progressing. At the Injury and Disability Law Center, you will never be treated as a number.

Bringing Compassion and Experience to the Table
Josh and Jeremy have a combined 25 years of expertise in Social Security disability, workers' compensation, and personal injury litigation. They put their experience to work for you by assisting you in constructing a solid case for the benefits or compensation you deserve. They will bring in specialists and investigators as required to support your claim, and they will treat you like a collaborator in the process rather than a hapless victim. While they will make every effort to resolve your claim as swiftly as possible, they will not hurry the process to get a rapid settlement. Instead, they are constantly looking out for your best interests and will give you honest feedback on your choices.

Call the Accident and Disability Law Center in Toronto to discuss your issue if you have been harmed due to someone else's carelessness or cannot work due to an injury or sickness. Their objective is to develop a unique solution that will make you pleased.